Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

Sweet Toddler Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Decorating your toddler bedroom is probably really fun to do, because you can actually use a lot of colors, a lot of accents but still look very appropriate. There is also a lot of them that you can apply to your toddler bedroom, such as pirate themes, Disney princesses, sweets and many more. The toddler world sure is more awesome than adult worlds. Today we will give you some Toddler Bedroom Decoration ideas for your little one

Toddler Bedroom Decoration

Little Indian Decorations

Yes, this Toddler Bedroom Decoration is probably quite unique to be applied for your toddler’s bedroom. You see, you don't have to turn the whole room into Indian theme. you can bring this theme by a seating set in the corner. Place a half cut Indian teepee or tent and place them in the corner of the bedroom. Why half cuts, because it’s not a tent, but a seating section. place several seating cushions and carpets around and inside it. Using cushions with tribal pattern is a great choice. If you want it to look sweeter use some combinations of pastel colors.

Enchanted Forest Decorations

Another great Toddler Bedroom Decoration is an enchanted forest, this one is really perfect for a girl. To bring this theme into your toddler’s bedroom what you can do is to paint the wall with wood grain paint roller or forest animal roller, paint, they are available in some online store, there are patterns in the roller so what you need to do is to roll them to the wall. Other ideas that you can do is by adding some enchanted toddlers seating. There are several shapes of it, such as mushroom seating, wood log seating. Some of these settings can be open and used as storage as well, so you can keep your toddler’s toys here.